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Swimming Pool Accessories for Purchase in Carcès (83)

Contact BRUNET SAMUEL to purchase your pool accessories and equipment.

We are based in Carcès, not far from Brignoles and Draguignan

All essential pool accessories

We carry a wide range of pool accessories and equipment, including cleaning pumps, filters, electrical cabinets, robots and access equipment (stairs, diving boards, etc.).

We can close your swimming pool for the winter by offering and installing tarpaulins and pool shelters. For routine maintenance, we have water analysis and treatment tools as well as landing nets.

Don't hesitate to order online! We offer reliable and quality equipment.

The place for reliable pool accessories.

Pool accessories for purchase Carcès
Pool accessories for purchase Carcès

Additional services

On top of providing pool equipment, we also ensure the maintenance. We regularly clean the water, check the condition of the filters and inspect the various connections.

You only have to tell us your needs to benefit from our expert service. Our team works quickly and is readily available for your complete satisfaction.

Trust our team of competent and experienced pool technicians. We provide reliable solutions that meet your needs.


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