Construction, maintenance and repair of swimming pools

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Swimming Pool Repair in Carcès.

BRUNET SAMUEL specialises in pool repair.

We move around Draguignan, Brignoles and within Carcès.

Our area of expertise

We have been the specialists in pool repair and maintenance for many years now. We can repair pumps and the cleaning robots, solve plumbing issues and renovate deteriorated coatings (tiles, polyester shell, concrete, etc.).

Wall cleaning and water treatment are also part of our services. We can provide all the necessary pool accessories upon request.

We are reliable, fast and efficient.


We can handle any pool repair

Pool Repair Carcès
Pool Repair Carcès

Why choose us?

Our years of experience in pool construction has enabled us to develop and offer various services.

In addition to maintenance and repair work, our team also builds custom-designed pools. From the initial design to the finishing touches, we remain at your service.

We do everything to provide you with the best service in accordance with pool construction standards and rules. Trust us with your project! You won't regret your choice.

The guarantee of a work done as per general standards and rules



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