Construction, maintenance and repair of swimming pools

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Swimming Pool Construction in Carcès (83)

BRUNET SAMUEL builds, repairs and maintains your swimming pool.

We operate within Carcès, Draguignan and Brignoles.

Swimming pool construction

Led by Mr. Brunet, our team works with you to make your dream a reality. We handle the planning and construction of your swimming pool.

From the design and laying of the floor covering to the connection of the pool and watering, we provide a comprehensive swimming pool service. We offer a variety of pool models to suit every taste and budget.

Off-ground or buried, concrete or polyester shell, in kit or self-supporting: The choice is yours.

Swimming pool construction Carcès

We offer various models of swimming pools

Swimming pool construction Carcès

Servicing and maintenance

We also provide swimming pool maintenance and servicing. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Regarding servicing, we carry out regular water treatment and cleaning, as well as filter replacement.

Regarding maintenance, our team ensures the complete overhaul and repair of various accessories such as pumps, robot or filters. We use our expertise and skills to meet your needs.

Hire our services to make the most of your pool throughout the year.

Our team of experts make sure your pool is up and running at all times.

Why choose us:

  • For our professionalism
  • For our reliability
  • For our proximity


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